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Perth WA 6000, Australia

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What we’re all about

HeyMuzo.org is a place to help inspire and encourage people to play music.


We run monthly Practice and Play sessions at Vision Studios to give people a safe, encouraging space to play music in an intimate environment.

We aim to help people grow in confidence to play in front of others and provide a place for anyone to showcase their music.

We do this all for the love of music.

So have a look into what we do, attend an event and see if HeyMuzo.org is for you.

The only thing we ask for is a positive attitude.

Come to our next event at Vision Studios; it's free.

We can also help with

Career Advice, Recording, Busking, Radio Spots and introductions to people and services.

Hey Muzo Minute on Pirate88.com

Helping play original music

We have Hey Muzo Minute on Pirate88.com 

Hey Muzo Minute is aimed at interview an artist and hearing one of their originals.


Helping people get their music out into the world.

Practice / Jams & Open Mics

Are you looking for a place to practice? Or want to learn to play in front /with others?

Come along to our monthly Practice and Play sessions.

Alternatively, check out our calendar of Open Mics and Jams that are held all over Perth.

Listen to some of our musicians

Come and have a listen to some of the fantastic people that have played for HeyMuzo.

If you require help with a recording or want to share your music, get in touch today, as we love listening and sharing peoples music

Services / Places to help

Links to business's, service, hints and tips or a place to help you further in music?

Check out our services page coming soon.

If you want to promote your business on our website for free.

 Contact us

Check out our Facebook and Instagram Page

We post many things that help inspire us on our Facebook and Instagram page.

If you have something to share, send us a message or email at